What you need is within your reach.

This phrase speaks to the obvious practicality of the LippyClip®  -  keeping your essentials just an arm's length away at all times. We know that life is busy all the time, and often even chaotic, so why not simplify what you can?

Our simple yet clever products take away the frustration of looking for lip balm by keeping it within your reach.

But to our company, it's so much more than that.

We believe what you need is fully within your reach.  As a hard-working woman, you juggle a lot of things.  So whether it's surviving the day with toddlers underfoot, reaching the next big sales goal in your office, or passing a college course, we know that your big dreams are not too far of a stretch away.

We're cheering for you, and as our simple yet clever product keeps your essentials just a few a inches away, we encourage you to reach for those big life goals and believe that you can achieve your dreams.

Reach for the stars, friend. They're not as far away as you might think. You can do it, and we're cheering for you!


Meet Amy Gabriel.


LippyClip was invented in 2012 by founder and CEO, Amy Gabriel.

The dream of a handmade business began decades ago as Amy sat with her mom and grandmothers learning to sew. She imagined the day when she would create products that people wanted to purchase.  As she spent many of her younger years in the sewing rooms of these women, she began to develop a love for fabrics and creating products. Little did she know that her aspirations would one day provide for her family, support other women working from home, and grow into a thriving business.

After college, marriage, and two kids, Amy worked as a pediatric nurse for ten years. Through a series of horrific events and deep grief, she needed to leave nursing. However, she had promised her husband that she would work to support him through graduate school, and he had approximately 18 months left to finish his master's degree.

As a way to take her mind off of the sadness and loss, she began sewing again. The dream of creating products people would purchase was long buried underneath the busy-ness of family, work, and life. However, she added some items to her Etsy shop and watched and waited.

Amy started small and slow but was quickly met with a high demand for products.  

Now twelve years later, Amy leads a team of thirteen women who help to market, prep, sew, package, and ship LippyClips all over the country.


Quality.  Honesty.  Integrity.

All LippyClips are made in the USA, by women working from home.   We are a 100% women-owned and operated business.

We're committed to running a business that treats people well, with extraordinary care and compassion, the way we'd want to be treated, too.

We believe that running a business is a big deal, and we should do it honestly, with the highest degree of integrity, and filled with grace.


Women-owned & operated in Orlando, Florida.


As LippyClip grew to larger than Amy Gabriel could manage alone, she began to look around her local community for women who needed work.  

Amy believes that doing good for women in our community is a great responsibility as a business owner.  She made the very intentional decision to grow the business as large as God allows, with the purpose of providing work for as many women as possible.  

One by one, slowly and steadily, the LippyClip team has grown to a small but mighty band of women.  

These are women who, for the most part, are otherwise unable to work outside their homes. 

For the LippyClip Team, these women are also believing that what they need is within their reach.  By working for LippyClip, they've been able to stay home with children, pay off debt, achieve financial and lifestyle goals, and more that would not otherwise be possible.


Useful.  Practical.  Beautiful.

At LippyClip, we realize you have lots of options when buying online.  We recognize that you spend your money wisely and carefully.  We know that you buy intentionally and purposefully.

We are so grateful to you, our customer and friend, who has helped grow LippyClip beyond our wildest dreams.

We commit to ship your order quickly, package it with care, treat you with kindness and courtesy, and most of all, provide you with a product that will help you save time and uncomplicate your day.  

We know you'll find the LippyClip to be useful, practical, and beautiful.  Most importantly, we hope it is a time save that gives you a few more moments to focus on what really matters.

From all of us at Team LippyClip, thank you for shopping with us!