How It All Began

The LippyClip® mission is simple.  We create clever handmade products to help women find their lip balm and keys ridiculously easy.  Our products are designed to save time in your busy day.  The volume of items we manufacture provides opportunities for women to work from home and generate supplemental income for their families.  

Our story, as told by Amy Gabriel, our founder:

The dream of a handmade business began decades ago as I sat with my mom and grandmothers learning to sew. I imagined the day when I would create products that people wanted to purchase. As I spent many of my younger years in the sewing rooms of these women, I began to develop a love for fabrics and creating products. Little did I know that my aspirations would one day provide for my family, support other women working from home, and grow into a thriving business. 

After college, marriage and two kids, I worked as a pediatric nurse for ten years. Through a series of horrific events and deep grief, I needed to leave nursing. However, I had promised my husband that I would work to support him through graduate school, and he had approximately 18 months left to finish his master's degree.

As a way to take my mind off of the sadness and loss, I began sewing again. The dream of creating products people would purchase was long buried underneath the busy-ness of family, work and life. However, a dear friend saw potential and suggested I start selling online. 

In the summer of 2013, I started small and slow, but was quickly met with a high demand for products and nothing but growth for the business.

As the business grew I knew I had a choice to make. Either keep things small and do it all on my own, or find help. 

I made the very intentional decision to grow the business as large as God allows, with the purpose of providing work for as many women as possible. These are women who, for the most part, are otherwise unable to work outside their home. Without these sweet ladies, this business would likely have closed its doors years ago.  Learn more about our team here.  

The heartbeat of our business goes well beyond the items we make. The sweetest part of the LippyClip is the opportunities created for women to work from home.  

Purchasing a LippyClip not only guarantees a beautiful, handmade, boutique-style item in your mailbox, but it provides work for women. Purchasing with purpose blesses my family and theirs, and we are grateful for our customers.​

The photos you see on this website are credited to Ashley Roberts Photography, Mike and Sara Graham, and Dana Boepple.